• 2050: ten years ago a major nuclear explosion nearly annihilated Earth and its inhabitants. Survivors have found shelter six feet undersea in Society, a brand new country created from scratch by the most eminent minds. The promise of comfort and prosperity felt like a relief after the disaster that shattered their lives. But the city of all dreams, led by a corrupted government, hindered by a strong social divide, soon becomes a nightmare. 

    Until now Society has been keeping up with citizens' expectations peacefully and harmlessly. A group of activists known as the Lonesome, forgotten souls of the recovery, is leading the opposition against the high spheres of power: is the pursuit of economic growth an answer to every world crisis?

    Welcome aboard Dystopian Symphony where I am currently self-publishing my first English science fiction novel series!
    I have created this blog to share with you my love for writing and for science fiction. Feel free to share and comment, I appreciate fair criticism to improve my written English as a non native speaker :)

    Have a nice reading!