• 09- This fateful day has come

    July 17th, 2050
    « Loading localization system… 100% completed »
    Hid in his laboratory build in the back shop of his store Sen Maa Kloud felt relieved that the time capsule incorporated in the watch was running well. It was the only way he could communicate through time with Alys and Mikael and track their movements. He turned on the visio webcam with nervosity.
    If it didn’t work he was sure to be forever curse by Sempai and Moto Rorola.
    An overview of a waste factory showed up on the screen.
    « Nobody’s around! It was supposed to work! » He winced.
    He was about to reload the searching engine when he heard the doorbell ringing outside.
    July 15th, 2040- 8 AM: H-12
    Candid CCTV cameras witnessed a group of weird people riding motorbikes. They didn’t seem to be terrorists but they were up to something great judging by their equipments and where they were heading.
    - I must confess something to you before we get to the nuclear power station, Alys avowed to Hitori while the streets unfolded fast around them.
    Because she never rid a motorbike before unlike Mikael, Alys was sat on the back of Hitori’s.
    She held him tightly, putting her arms around his waist.
    - What is it? Hitori inquired.
    - We might feel the same way. Both of us have lost once someone dear.
    Hitori increased his speed:
    - The sooner we reach the station, the better.
    Alys gave a faint scowl, exasperated:
    - It’s all right to show your weak side when you’re not feeling well instead of carrying everything on your shoulders. You want to become a hero but you won’t make this world to change on your own. You should rely on the ones that fight by your side.
    - I do have faith in them.
    - You haven’t changed, always so dedicate to others.
    - What?
    - Never mind, I was thinking loud.
    « - You should tell him Alys. »
    Alys startled and almost fell off her seat:
    - Mikael, you idiot! She yelled.
    « - You’re easily influenced, be careful. »
    - What’s up?
    « - I didn’t notice earlier but I think the watch Moto Rorola gave me is more than a timer. It makes me think of a weapon to control time. What should I do? »
    - What do you mean?
    « - Its creator was probably Sen Maa Kloud so I’m not sure as to activate it wouldn’t cause damage to the flow of time. »
    - What of it? In any case be sure that Sen has carefully completed his job otherwise i know of some people who would go mad if he hasn’t.
    « - I think so. Well, it’s activated. I wonder what will happen, for now it does nothing else than shining and sparkling. »
    - Don’t tell me it’s a tracking device!
    « What do you mean? »
    Alys smiled gently:
    - I bet its main use is to communicate with us and track our movements. We haven’t randomly come into the factory: we’re not alone in the fight to come.
    « - Are you falling in love with Sempai’s ten years ago self? »
    - What- what- what are you thinking about, you idiot? Alys screamed turning scarlet.
    « Calm down, it’s understandable at your age my dear little sister. »
    - I’m twenty; don’t call me your dear little sister! I’ll get even with you for that stupid joke!
    « - I was not joking, just asking… »
    - Arguing again? Hitori intervened. Everyone can hear your conversation through the headphones you know.
    By any standards Hellmet Pitsbulk was known to be a dishonest and shameless politician who always achieved his aims manipulating other people with money.
    He desired power. He desired profitability. He had a bunch of hit men in his pocket to blow away anyone that get in the way.
    His current interest was all about a new prototype of nuclear bomb nicknamed the “Shovel of Death”: it had cost him a tremendous amount of money to buy this powerful weapon to get to expand his mighty influence on the worldwide money market.
    So when his cell phone rang he jumped on his feet to answer. Indeed he had hired a couple of policemen to work for him as sneakers just in case this troublesome guy named Hitori would make his move first. His aim was to annihilate the “Shovel of Death” in the purpose of avoiding a possible third world war. Pitsbulk snirked: all those pacifist people had praiseworthy goals but they were too naïve. The world was awful; the world was run by the dictatorship of money. He Hellmet Pitsbulk held the lives of thousands and thousands of people between his hands.
    He chuckled madly. His right hand man, a merciless policeman had reported about some weird people riding motorbikes held in the sight line of the city’s CCTV cameras: he was awaiting his orders.
    Without any hint of hesitation Pitsbulk ordered to send the troops on the battlefield.
    The motorbikes were crossing the city in formation as fast as their motors could handle it when the first gunshots blew.
    Hitori immediately ordered his people to retrograde to dodge the bullets.
    For Alys’ safety he had entrusted her to the responsibility of Mikael because as leader of the opposition he knew he was the primary target.
    Alys was right it was not time yet to have regrets or to feel guilty. Their objective was to achieve the defusing on time before all.
    July 17th, 2050
    Under strict surveillance Sen Maa Kloud felt cramped in his cell waiting for an interrogatory. He was tremendously anxious: the policemen sent by the President to capture him had destroyed his laboratory and found out strong pieces of evidence that he was implicated in the risky sabotage of the nuclear power plant of Pitsbulk City, especially the tracking device whose hidden function was to repatriate Alys and Mikael in case of an emergency. If the device was to be destroyed they would never come back what would damaged irreversibly or even turn upside down the flow of time.
    July 15th, 2040: 9 AM- H-11
    All around the city advertising panels showed emergency messages telling citizens to evacuate as soon as possible.
    To each nuclear shelter was affected a healing squad. Among the healers mandated by the government to manage the Evacuation there was Isha. Going by her thirties she was praised as a skilled surgeon by most people.
    For the time being she was told as well as her comrades to guide citizens to the shelters.
    Rumours sprang up about a troublesome and unconventional group of revolutionary folks.
    She sighed with a pale smile: in the end Hitori was truly reckless but she loved this rebellious and brave side of him. Not everyone would have the guts to show opposition to the regime of Hellmet Pitsbulk.

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