• 11- Unbreakable

    July 15th, 2040: 10 AM- H-10
    Hellmet Pitsbulk chuckled madly at seeing how bad things had turned out for the revolutionaries.
    Left without their main trump card they were already made checkmate even before the real fight has begun.
    However it seemed like a victory too easily won. Upon the exchequer set in front of him the last man standing on the other side was still the fool, a piece that hadn’t play its part in the game yet.
    - Stay aside I’ll explain things later.
    Armed with a high volted shear Sen Maa Kloud was really an unpredictable man to Mikael’s eyes. He possessed the ultimate power long desired by most scientists: controlling time.
    The tricky matter about that ability was to guess what future was going to happen to avoid any time distortion or paradox. However it left no room to hazard: it was the affair of a single try requiring a really sharp intuition.
    And Mikael wasn’t able to do so or it would have taken much more time than necessary.
    Sen Maa Kloud grabbed a thread coloured in blue edging out the infinity of possible futures.
    Time reloaded at the minute Hitori was going to die.
    « Why am I feeling so cold right now? I must die another day! I have still so much to do, so much to share: I want to live even a few more years. What am I thinking about? It’s not time to look back at my mistakes. No matter if my future will come out darker or brighter I can’t fail my time will come to an end soon enough.
    If only I could close my eyes not to look at all these painful memories. I used to lurk for yesterday’s happiness but now it causes me only pain and sorrow. May you allow me to cry behind this faking smile I’ve been carrying since that day my dearest, my only one?
    Perhaps I’ve become the strongest but it doesn’t make any sense if I remained the loneliest on the other side.
    I remember what happened, what kind of man I appeared to be in front of your eyes: a coward, a stupid damn coward who didn’t have yet the strength at the time to repay you for your deep, sincere love. What should I do to be forgiven? »
    Everything faded to nothing. The void drew away shapes, colours, feelings, senses, words, actions. Before his eyes appeared the infinite nothingness in its darkest and deepest black shade.
    Pointing to the horizon a tiny ray of light outlined the road to heaven, defined by thousands and thousands of reminiscent images picturing the flow of his memory.
    He heard voices endlessly calling out his name but the chains that bounded him to earth had just vanished.
    The light that endears all soothed every pain. Was it the end?
     He felt a lone tear falling upon his cheek. Wide opened his eyes blinked.
    Across his faint, blurred field of sight Hitori distinguished a face, deep green sparkling eyes, vivid red hair that belonged to Alys.
    He would like to ask « what happened? » but no sound could overcome his lips.
    - Are you awake? Alys gently inquired. I’m glad… so glad!
    - What… happened? Where… am I?
    - Don’t worry Official troopers have left to report. They think you are dead. You’re not in fact. All thanks to Mikael and Sen Maa Kloud…
    - Sen Maa Kloud? Who’s that dude?
    - He has come from the future as reinforcement. He possesses the power of controlling time.
    - Is that so?
    With anger Hellmet Pitsbulk hit the exchequer so hard that it ended up smashed to pieces.
    What a great Deus ex machina! What was he going to do now that the flow of events ruined his strategy? Who the heck was that redemptive angel coming from another time?
    Disappointed he gritted his teeth with resentment and looked back at the darkness itself behind him.
    Isha and her comrades rushed to gather the first wounded people. The noise of the gunshots had provoked panic everywhere. People were running destroying everything that got in their way. Heavily armed troopers shot at anyone they suspected of being a revolutionary or affiliated in any way to the Lonesome uprising
    Isha was especially nervous hoping she wouldn’t be targeted as well. To get out the prison she had to make up a cover identity in the purpose of being engaged by the government as a mandated surgeon to manage the Evacuation. However she was not selfless to the extent of denying publicly her love for Hitori.
    All of a sudden a red haired girl appeared in front of her:
    - Don’t get stuck on the way!
    The girl pointed a trembling finger that said “Over there!” at the threshold of a warehouse nearby.
    Isha had surprisingly a bad feeling about that pale close mouth girl who looked imploringly at her.
    In case of an emergency she couldn’t hesitate, her duty was before all to heal everyone no matter origins or political opinions. She would catch up with her comrades of the healing team later on.
    Even before entering in the warehouse she knew something serious had happened. Seven red motorbikes were roughly parked outside probably in a rush. A man wearing a futuristic armor armed with a high volted shear hanging at the belt guarded the main gate.
    He looked suspiciously at Isha when she walked into the building. She couldn’t help to sketch a pale grin trying to win his trust.
    - No problem Sen she’s reliable, the girl said.
    Her voice sounded familiar to Isha. She couldn’t tell why but she was almost sure she had already heard it before. The face of a young child came up to her mind. Could it be possible? Why was she starting to anticipate the future? Their encounter never happened or was going to happen.
    The girl guided her to the back of the waste factory. There, four people were at the bedside of a fifth person badly injured.
    She bent down and pulled away the golden survival blanket that covered his inert body.
    Beneath his jacket blood spread fast around his heart. She recognized him at his long golden brown hair and rimless glasses. Hitori.
    - No... no way! What happened? Why… him?
    Isha had just a first aid kit within easy reach. It was still better than nothing but she didn’t have the tools needed to replace the bullet from Hitori’s chest.
    She could only use bandages to stop the bleeding. Hitori definitely needed to be carried to a medical shelter to be healed properly. Still she refused to admit her helplessness and continued practising usual first aid gestures to bring him back to life:
    - Hitori can you hear me? Hang on… for goodness sake!
    His fingertips were stony. He had already lost too much blood. He was going to die.
    He was going to … !
    - Hang on!
    That nuclear bomb was just a mere toy according to Hellmet Pitsbulk. It was just a prototype after all. All the money he had spent to achieve his vicious and ambitious plan was invested to create the real “Shovel of Death”, an apocalyptic machine of war personified by merciless robot filled with nuclear energy acting under his almighty orders.
    As soon as he would launch the monster’s processors Hellmet Pitsbulk should be able to dominate the world like he had always wished to. He just had to push a single button and the entire world would submit to his authority.
    July 15th, 2040: 11 AM- H-9
    One hour had passed.
    Hellmet Pitsbulk received his soldiers’ first reports on his laptop. The revolutionaries had retreated due to Hitori’s death. Among them there was a weird folk armed with high volted shear but it had changed nothing much to the battle’s outcome given that Hitori has already died or was going to die.
    The Lonesome people were not prepared enough for the next round thus it was the proper moment to carry out everything while they were mourning for their lost leader.
    Isha had done everything she could. Now she had to catch up with her teammates not to be unmasked if her absence hasn’t already been noticed.
    She had entrusted Hitori to the care of the Lonesome movement’s members. He was their leader so they would protect him like he protected them.
    As long as this girl called Alys was alive she knew she had left Hitori between goodness hands.
    Interrupted in an experience Fritz Davis received a phone call from his higher ups. The orders were simple: when the time would come he had to push the huge red emergency button installed on the top of his laboratory’s main control panel.
    It was decided that Sen Maa Kloud would stand in for Hitori on the battlefield until Hitori has recovered enough to fight. In his current state it was the most reasonable alternative.
    The real battle was about to start.

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