• 15- Rest in peace

    July 17th, 2050:
    Yet useless, always late the “White Rabbit” had not took his part in the war for now as the last joker he had always been.
    As usual everyone has left Nokira the dumb odd jobber behind.
    He smirked slightly while he mopped the hall of the presidential palace.
    No one noticed him but he was there at the right place, the right moment before the uprising.
    The President has had the full powers for twenty years but soon his dictatorship was going to end.
    Nokira regretted not to have travel along with Alys and Mikael to the world of 2040. It felt like Alys ignored him ever since she had reunited with her brother.
    He wasn’t brave, he wasn’t incredible but he was simply Nokira and that was enough.
    He didn’t seek for any more acknowledgment than being respected and accepted by others with his strength but also his weaknesses. He looked back at the floor he had just finished cleaning. In less than a minute Official people would go in and screw up his hard work done to make the place clean and pleasant for them.
    It was a price to pay for his status as Lonesome not being discovered by accident but it splitted him between two sides. Pretending being an ordinary worker and then switching back to his real self as activist seemed false: who did he want to be in the end? What side would he choose?
    He was usually honest to himself: clearly this state of mind pictured him as an opportunist who was collaborating with the regime by interest, that interest being to stay alive at any cost. It didn’t fit his moral standings him who valued honesty and loyalty to himself and others.
    All that wealth showed off in every corner of the presidential palace yet earned at so much sacrifices.
    Where that gold decorating the walls came from and how it has been acquired? The same could have been asked for those luxurious decorations?
    It made him sad to think about the people who died trying to denounce the regime’s dealings. The Lonesome people were quite a few these days but used to count more fighters in the past and unfortunately it couldn’t be helped otherwise everyone would have been arrested. It was obvious to tell one was conscious of the duty implied when joining the revolutionary.
    But still there was the fear of jail and/or death and not everyone was able to dwell with such personal risk. Only a few people were enough selfless to vow allegiance to the cause.
    And even less people to take part in that special squad known under the name of “Wonderland Squad”. Those who did were the first names listed on top of the Official blacklist.
    The dangerous matter was Nokira was really playing cat and mouse with the devil. Oficially he was identified as Nokira but under the mask he was most called the “White Rabbit”.
    The other members of the squad were Sempai the “Mad Hatter” with Sen Maa Kloud the “March Hare” and Moto Rorola the “Queen of Heart” in reference to Lewis Caroll’s characters given it fitted accurately the purpose of the squad, protecting the Wonderland family.
    Among the family members there were famous intellectuals who were pursued by the regime for their subversive works that made people conscious of the absurdity and the unlegitimacy of such political disaster as the regime of Hellmet Pitsbulk.
    The Official class had almost localized all the members of the family but failed in finding the youngest inheriters Alys and Mikael.
    Nokira sighed heavily. It was time to take a break. He unpacked his lunchbox and sat  on the palace’s staircase.
    He was surpassed by the flow of events how Society’s balance has been turned upside down so fast, so easily. His cell phone vibrated interrupting his thougts.
    A message showed up from Moto Rorola. She asked him to head back to the mansion right away regardless all other priorities.
    He assumed something terrible must have happened her calling him in emergency while he was still at work.
    July 15th, 2040:
    His pulse dropped and fainted.
    Her heart tightened. He rested peacefully his forehead embracing the curve of her neck.
    He wanted to fly higher beyond the line defined by his condition of average being but fell on the ground, fallen angel, wings broken.
    She lied him down beside her and wrapped his body in a gold blanket although he had already passed away.
    Alys kissed Hitori on the forehead and closed his eyelids for eternity.
    The sadness formed a hole in her heart. They had done everything possible and yet it had been useless in the end. Seeing his pale skin shining flawlessly in the sunlight broke her from the very inside.
    Eyes wide open she was screaming silently in pain her cheeks streaming of tears.
    “- No way… no way… NO way!”
    She slammed the car door in a bang.
    The battlefield had became a mess of miscealleanous wrecked buildings and gunshots.
    She coughed because of the dust:
    - Monsters… You have… no shame. Why on earth, WHY?
    When the smoke faded she could glimpse sight of her comrades.
    They were barely hanging on, out of energy, cornered by Offcial military men.
    The Official army…
    She clenched her fists, gritted her teeth.
    - MONSTERS! She yelled.
    Everyone startled. Alys jumped off the ground and ran into the Official army wihout a thought.
    - Idiots you are only a bunch of shameless idiots!
    Stolid the squad officer stepped forward and grasped her fist.
    - Hold back a battlefield is not a playground for children, young lady.
    Alys swept her tears with foolhardiness:
    - Some say I’m a crying baby, others that I do everything wrong but honestly I don’t care.
    I am who I am but no longer an innocent child you can put aside the real battle.
    Do not think I come to you without weapons but the one I’m carrying is not physical nor originally made for provoking war.
    He pushed her away like a weightless little bird.
    - Oh well I have a better idea.
    He turned to look at the Lonesome fighters:
    - Let’s see how much they valued their precious cause.
    He grabbed her by the waist and kept her temple at gunpoint:
    - Give up weapons or she will be the first to die!
    At hearing that, Alys bit her lower lip to stop it from shivering.
    Mikael was willing to intervene but Ashley stopped him on time.
    The squad officer chuckled madly:
    - At last you are starting to realize you can do nothing against the army. It would be wise of you to surrender right now.
    - Why? Why him? Alys whispered.
    - What are you talking about?
    Alys lifted her gaze to look into the sky. It seemed the sun was brighter even hidden by clouds.
    - Just say why this world is unfair. Why we still need needless wars to maintain peace. Why death is the end of life. Why people are persecuted because of their ideals. Why am I feeling hopeless but revolted, guilty but regretful, sad but alive all at the same time.
    - Isn’t the job to find answers yours?
    - You will fall if you let hatred consume your heart. You did give the order to shoot, didn’t you?
    - I fear I don’t see what you’re talking about.
    - You sure know what I mean.
    The soldier lowered his gun and put her back to her feet.
    - It was an order delivered by the almighty Hellmet Pitsbulk in the first place. It’s unlikely I would have done this according to my own will.
    - So do you think all your actions are accredited by obeying blindly to Hellmet Pitsbulk?
    But the one justice calls murderer is rightfully you because you and your men were the ones to carry out the supreme orders of Hellmet Pitsbulk and commit the assassination, right?
    Yes before you complain about it I called it assassination because it was none of a legitimate penalty. A man’s life is priceless and can’t be worth repaid with simple apologies.
    Sen Maa Kloud and the others were soeechless. Alys never showed so sincerely and so truthfully her feelings before. She was more of a shy and calm character, very caring about others.
    To let her lose her countenance something serious must have happened.
    It was flames he saw burning in her eyes.
    He noticed blood stains tainted her hands.
    Eyes mid closed she clasped her hands over her chest and breathed deeply:
    - Real heroes are ready to sacrifice themselves even before the beginning of war but still we should ask ourselves why it has became so easy, too easy, to take a life away. The world will change after the defusing of the “Shovel of Death” for the better or for the worse but it won’t substitute to emptiness and regret. We will think if only things went that or this way but it will be too late to step back. Heaven is a no return journey. Today mankind has lost a great man who has found in his fight the true meaning of life, how to feel human.
    When families were shattered, when power overwhelmed justice, when helplessness was a crime he stood alone, no matter the risk for himself, the outcome or the pain to handle.
    Truth was talking through his golden heart. And so this is why I hereby ask you to cease this war. The price is too high for earning the new world we all dream of by fire.
    Silent, Sen Maa Kloud nodded.
    Isha smiled and lowered her gun.
    Ashley and the committee reprensentatives approved and stood up next to Alys.
    Mikael agreed, feeling proud of his little sister’s bravery.
    The ceasefire didn’t last long though, the interval of a heart beating.
    July 17th, 2050:
    Nokira came back as fast as he could.
    Before he grasped the handle, Moto Rorola hastily unlocked the main door.
    - Hurry up come in.
    - What is so serious that I had to quit work right away? If they were to discover my real identity, I am a dead man.
    He turned around and regretted to have talked so harsh.
    Moto Rorola gulped. She was pale, her eyes swollen.
    - I- I’m sorry I didn’t want to…
    - Never mind. Follow me.
    - Yeah.
    She preceded him upstairs, entered in the guest room and so did Nokira.
    Sempai was bedridden, his head resting peacefully on the pillow.
    His hands were abandoned on the blanket, cold as ice.
    Nokira shook his head in disbelief.
    Moto Rorola nodded silently.
    - I want you to join the war.

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