• 4- How the world has begun

    Al Cartel had to accompany them on the way to Moto Rorola's house. He left after he managed their ID checking. As the doorbell rang they heard footsteps behind the door and Moto Rorola appeared in the threshold wrapped in a coral pink large bathrobe:
    - What are you looking for?
    - We need a skilled healer.
    - I'm back from work and I'm exhausted. If it's an emergency you should better call the hospital...
    She was about to close up her door to them when Nokira blocked it with a foot:
    - We no longer have time. If we do nothing to heal his wounds, Sempaï is going to die!
    - Sempaï?
    Moto Rorola opened a bit wider her door to see Sempaï unconscious, supported by Sam Suung whose free arm wrapped protectively his shoulders to prevent him from falling. Each step forward became a stirring pain; too light his breath was barely perceptible.
    - What happened? Moto Rorola asked when they helped her to bring Sempaï upstairs in the guest room. Don't worry no one will hear our conversation.
    - He has been arrested by the police, meaning Al Cartel and his henchmen, because of something called the "Shovel of Death".
    - I understand. It's so horrible...
    She softly laid him on the bed and opened his shirt to clean the blood that was slightly bleeding through his injuries:
    - I've known him for years. I used to be a Lonesome activist when the Traumatism occurred but to make ends meet in this new world you should join the Official District. So I passed the Exam to become a healer after the Evacuation ended. I couldn't have expected him to be so dedicated to you that he would sacrifice his own life.
    - But why? Why had he chosen to protect me whatever it would take?
    Surprised, Moto Rorola looked at her with astonishment and took a deep breath:
    - I guess he hasn't told you yet because you're still young but you're Alys, Ashley Wonderland's daughter.
    - What... what are you saying? Sam Suung stammered, turning slowly pale.
    - You don't remember anything about it, do you? I'm the one who saved you during the Evacuation...
    - That's not what I'm asking, it's a sad and rude reality but I've lost my memories, In fact... does it mean Maa Kintoche is my brother?
    - Of course it does but you shouldn't tell him until he realizes how much this world needs to change, in other words until he stops seeking for a position in the governement. From the very beginning the Official class is playing with him and treating him like a mere puppet. They always promise to bring you back as soon as he accepts to obey their orders, whatever these are.
    Downstairs, the doorbell rang loudly:
    - Stay here aside Sempaï.
    She didn't closed entirely the door for them to hear everything that was going to be said, then came downstairs to unlock the main door. Maa Kintoche appeared before her:
    - May I enter? Don't get in my way, for your own sake ...
    - Why are you here? There's nobody living here except me.
    - I received the order to take Sam Suung to the President. He wants to talk a bit with her about the "Shovel of Death";
    - If so what are you going to do Maa Kintoche? You will only hand Sam Suung over to the Official class who may use her to put out of harm's way the Lonesome movement.
    - I can't disobey the orders.
    - You stupid thoughtless kid! What will you do if they arrest her and throw her in jail like they did to Sempaï?
    - The President just wants to talk with her!
    - Are you thinking they will chat like old friends drinking a cup of tea? Not at all! You want to become an Official but you're not mature enough yet...
    - Where are they?
    - It really saddens me, you don't know what you're doing it's so pathetic!
    Avoiding her angry eyes, Maa Kintoche looked hastily around and saw the guest room"s door opened upstairs:
    - If you're in there Sam Suung don't be afraid and come with me.
    " No, I won't forgive you!" Sam Suung thought.
    - If you don't come Sempaï's sacrifice will become useless because the Traumatism is all about the "Shovel of Death".
    - Is that so?
    Sam Suung appeared at the top of the stairs, her feelings melted between astonishment and anger:
    - Let's go, definitely!

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    Paula Spectacles Profil de Paula Spectacles
    Mardi 30 Octobre 2012 à 22:02
    Very nice begining for your story, keep going Congratulation Dominique

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