• Alternate timeline (Countdown)

    To make it short this is about the events occuring during the second part titled Countdown.
    At the end of first part Sam Suung (Alys) and Maa Kintoche (Mikael) have to travel through time to defuse the "Shovel of Death" to prevent the Traumatism from happening. They come back ten years ago to July 14th 2040, one day before July 15th when the Traumatism is supposed to happen.
    Therefore it implies that the past will be modified to some extent in order to not redo the same mistakes as before.
    July 14th, 2040:
    Alys and Mikael awoke in a quirky waste factory used as headquarter by a revolutionary whose leader is a young man in his thirties named Hitori (which means lonesome in japanese).
    Hitori and his people revealed themselves to be the ten years ago young Lonesome movement.
    Joining temporarily the uprising is likely the best way for Alys and Mikael to find support for their cause and help to access the nuclear power station where they will be able to defuse the "Shovel of Death". Thus they accepted and are part of the revolutionary under the protection of Hitori from now on.
    July 15th, 2040:
    The "Shovel of Death" has to be defused within twelve hours and so the countdown starts from 8 AM to end at 8 PM.
    8  AM:
    Nothing much happens. Each side makes its move towards the other.
    On one hand Hitori and his people including Alys and Mikael are riding motorbikes crossing the city to reach the nuclear power plant.
    On the other hand Hellmet Pitsbulk with the police in his pocket prepares his strategy.
    to be completed ...

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