• Author's Note - AD 2017

    Greetings from outer space,

    I gladly admit that the series has been kind of stuck, kind of on hiatus across the space time continuum for several months as I am speaking now although I have not shipped out quite yet: due to me writing multiple stories at the same time, it becomes sometimes difficult to keep track with all of them, especially because my other project gave me a lot of writing and rewriting work this past year.

    In 2017, I resolve to plan my schedule a lot more efficiently, and to begin with, I will make a big announcement in the course of January (after midterms) concerning Dystopian Symphony as a whole. You'll learn about that hopefully soon! :)

    Since the series began in 2012, I have been challenging myself over and over again by writing science fiction novels, by imagining worlds in a foreign language; and now is about time to take my writing to the next level! :)

    First and foremost, I still need to finish Lost Echo and I will do my best to catch up on my release schedule, which depends on troublesome factors such as writer's block. Not to mention I have spotted some bigger or smaller plot holes that need to be addressed before continuing any further.

    You can follow me on my social media as usual, on Facebook (Dystopian Symphony) and Twitter (@PaulaSpectacles). The website has been on hold for quite a while too, though still active, in need for reconstruction whether or not I decide to keep it. 

    Stay tuned, speak soon! :D

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