• Council of Cosmos

    Hi everyone, I'm back after a pretty long hiatus! :D
    First I'd like to thank you all who have been following the story till now, I would not expect to get it so far since I started writing it back in 2012! <3 I'm here today to announce there will be a sequel called Lost Echo upcoming 2015. The following article will introduce the setting for the new story to make things easier to understand! ;)
    In short, the Council of Cosmos (or Cosmic Council) is a worldwide committee in charge of ensuring humanity's survival across the wildness of the universe after Earth's destruction. Besides their abilities, all councilors gained the power to time travel by surviving death.
    They have established their headquarters on Callisto in 3050, fifty years after Earth was blown up by a series of solar storms.
    Each of them has gone through a near death experience from which they were saved by acquiring special abilities granted to them by a magical item called the Die of Destiny. They're now semi-immortal beings, however their strength is also their weakness because eternity has a price too high in its own way, being neutral watchers to guarantee the balance of the world.
    Sylvestre Floralès - Nature
    Styx Van Hellson - Death
    Zoe Da Livia - Life
    Lancaster McMaelstrom - Weather
    Hitori Kokuboheki - Time
    Short names:
    Based in 3050 on Callisto, their headquarters are a series of exploration units sent during the previous centuries to study its environment, furnished with enough supplies to survive for the next centuries. Acts for the well-being and the balance of the universe after the solar system has partially blown up due to a series of solar storms.
    Composed of chosen beings who had gone through a near death experience once and have returned to life with supernatural abilities. Due to humanity’s greedy desire for development back in the year 3000 the planet Earth has turned out to become overcrowded whilst natural resources were lacking to welcome everyone so it provoked a series of natural disasters which led to its end too early.
    Survivors of this premature apocalypse were forced into exile on Callisto, one moon in the jovian system that had been recognized suitable for welcoming extraterrestrial life, to escape from the now unwelcoming planet Earth prey to volcanoes and tidal waves. Five spirited beings saved from a near death experience were elected to rule the land by the Die of Destiny: Sylvestre the elements summoner, Styx the undertaker, Zoe the divine messenger, Lancaster the storm-caster and Hitori the time traveller. Their duty is to ensure humanity’s survival in this messed up galaxy trying to overcome the difficulties of implementing life on a new planet in order to not reproduce the same mistakes that led to Earth’s wreckage.
    But an enemy, more dangerous than any man-crafted mass destruction weapon, lurks in the corner, waiting to strike. His name Oblivius, the almighty puppet master who pulls the strings of past, present and future, also known as the embodiment of nothingness. 

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