• Society

    The story takes place in 2050 on the planet Earth left in ruins by the global warming.
    Ten years ago it was the Beginning, a new start for humanity after the Traumatism which has destroyed a huge part of the world. Mankind is now living six feet underseas in Society a city apparently utopic but turns out to show Big Brother extreme tendencies. It is one example of the limits of the consumer society.
    Aiming to let people forgetting how shameful was the Traumatism to avoid riots the government imagined a program called Amnesia which consists in creating and selling medicine able to erase anyone's memories.
    The fact is that most of the citizens are youngsters so politics pretend the purpose is to help them to restart everything properly to justify themselves.
    Information is relayed by the worldwide TV channel and newspaper New World Telegraph, proofread then censured if necesary by officials before being published.
    There is a sharp social divide:
    - the Official class: the government who leads Society by trying to make the life be better with "social improvements" but their controversial positions aren't helping to make life easier to bear undersea after the Traumatism and it turns out that they are afraid of ny opposition movement trying to put their regime upside down, thus deal ruthlessly with protesters.
    - Society's citizens: survivors who were carried to Society during the Evacuation by the government's program. They were forced to take Amnesia cells before their arrival and still don't remember anything about their past, even their previous identity. Each citizen was given a new identity to be allowed to live inside Society's walls under conditions.
    -the Lonesome: the rest of the survivors who arrived illegaly in Society by themselves having often issues with the government because they are revolted by how the system turned out. They must use appearances to slip in the crowd not to be arrested and imprisoned. They realized how the system was unfair towards those who were not officially acknowledged by the governement and gathered into an opposition movement willing to protest against the regime's methods, convincing opposition intellectuals and former politicians to support them in their battle for freedom.
    People can freely go around by submarine or aerobus if they have valuable ID electronic cards.
    These items are not only useful to travel but convenient in daily life. One can use it to go to the cashpoint, to check his/her mail box anywhere or even phone a friend.
    Identity is an essential point: because all recensment registers were lost during the Evacuation, people were given names inspired by famous brands such as Sam Suung, Nokira, Al Cartel or Maa Kintoche.
    For the moment Society goes its way peacefully and harmlessly but will it continue?

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