• The Judgment of Time (Ability)

    It is an ability to control the flow of time. It is meant to fix time paradoxes and look through history at how to not reproduce the mistakes of the past to build the future.
    Sometimes it acts according to its own will not listening to its users. In its elemental state it is a clear liquid contained in a flask. It takes the form of an orb that transforms into a giant time clock in the process of its activation.
    To be fully activated it requires four people:

    the Judge : is the orb’s current owner and master. The outcome of the judgment is up to him or her. Can use his or her ability once in a while because it has undeniable consequences on one’s lifespan and the flow of history. Can only watch and not change the past though his final judgment impacts on the continuation of events.
    Activates his abilities when his life is endangered thus is not an immortal being.

    the Lawyer : is the Judge’s right hand man. Helps him or her on taking the right decision. Obeys to the same rules as the Judge except that he or she can’t intervene when the judgment has been set up. Eventually can take on the Judge's task if the Judge by oneself is not or no longer able to use his powers. As stated above the Judge submits to same constraints as any human being but has to deal with supernatural powers.

    the Witness: witnesses the events happening. Cannot intervene nor influence the judgement. Is a simple watcher who is reporting events to be remembered in any kind of record. His extra ability is to find and gather other users of the Judgment of Time when the situation requires it imperiously.

    the Fighter: the one who executes the judgment. His abilities are sealed, it is up to the Judge to decide whether he can use them or not thus is always under the Judge’s orders to act.

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